Monday, October 31, 2011

Gun Log 3.5

Gun Log 3.5 is available for download or update!

I had to expedite this release because of the issue mentioned in the previous post with iOS 5 and picking an image from an existing album or camera roll.

Because of that issue I had to finish up the features I didn't plan to release for several weeks.

Notice the new Accessories tab!

Multi-Caliber configurations!

 Additional information is now available for Weapon Configurations. You can specify multiple caliber setups! You may have a .357 SIG and a .40 S&W setup for a pistol. Now you can track the usage of both. I think that is pretty dang sweet!

Quick selection for parts replacments!

 In Maintenance you can quickly specify if you re-tension the extractor on maybe a 1911 with an internal extractor, or specify some of the common parts replaced on regular intervals such as the recoil spring.

The NEW Accessories area!

Accessories can now be stored in Gun Log! This is a feature that I would have never done for my self but is in response from the many users of Gun Log. What started out as a log book for shooting results now includes a log book for property reference. For those that want to use the feature can store purchase information and other data about accessories such as optics, lights, lasers, or what ever you have.

Accessory details.

Sorry about the photo picker issues and I hope you enjoy the new features.

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