Monday, February 27, 2012

Gun Log 4.3 is available!

(If you want export, printing, and email you should use Gun Log +P)
(Check out the NRA American Warrior,  edition Number 5.)

I have been working on the UI of Gun Log. Gun Log +P has a lot of features that are applicable to Gun Log so I brought some of those features over.

As with the original release of Gun Log, the purpose of this app is to give back to the firearm friendly community. I have had users ask me why I do not charge more. I think it the app is worth a lot more myself, but I must stick to the original purpose and promises of the app.

The new version has changed some views. The flow and working of the application hasn't changed so I will not go into a detailed tutorial because of the new features. Please browse the blog for older posts for details on entering data.

Gun Log 4.3

The main views can get very long. Sorting and filtering help manage those long lists.

When picking an ammo for a firing set the ammo picker now filters on the caliber of the weapon.

Here are a few screen shots. Notice the tool bar at the top with filter and sorting buttons.

Notice the ammo and weapons picker changes. If a firing set, if you pick the weapon first the caliber of the weapon is passed to the ammo picker. If you have not entered a round count for your ammo the app considers you have no ammo on hand, so click "All" at the upper right. You can always turn the caliber filter off as well.

Following are iPhone/iPod touch screen shots. Enjoy the new features. Thank you!.

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