Friday, December 16, 2011

Gun Log 3.8

Note: Please read the brief introduction to Gun Log for more information or view past blog postings.

Also, check out American Warrior Issue Number 5 Page 28!

Gun Log 3.8

Gun Log 3.8 has two new reports and has improvements in the User Interface so that it takes fewer steps to create a new Maintenance record, Configuration Record, or Firing Set.

Known Error

The ammunition report "Failures by Ammunition" is grouping by bullet make instead of the ammunition make. Sorry this slipped by. I have already fixed it and it will be in the next release.

Please email any other such errors to so that I can fix them before the next release. 

Notice that there are two new reports. "Failures by Ammunition" and "Rounds Count by Caliber".

User Interface Improvements
Notice that there is a new button bar that has the "+" button and an "Edit" button. It is just one button tap now to create new records. No more tapping the edit button and then the "+" button on the last item in the table. This is a great improvement. 

Thank You
Thank you for purchasing Gun Log. Please give the app an review and rate it. 

Flyer for Distribution
Below is an image for distribution. Gun Log users, if you want, copy the image below and print it out and take it to your local range. Ask the Range Manager if you can post this flyer. Thanks.

Please leave a comment here on the Gun Log Blog and share where you placed the flyer!