Friday, June 22, 2012

Gun Log 5.1 under development

Gun Log version 5.1 is well underway. One of the main goals is to make custom lists. I do not want to be adding weapon makers, calibers, and the such for years to come.

Look, an action type! Requested by the users in Australia.

Notice the larger notes fields. Also, is the firearm personal or issued? Maybe your job, such as law enforcement issues you a firearm.

Back at the top of the weapon details, tap the "Make" button for this new "Maker Picker".
Tap the "Compose" button at top right to create custom entries.

Just enter some text, tap the blue "+" button to add it to the list, tap "Done" at the bottom right when finished.

Look, there it is!

If you show "All" the list is sorted and there is our customer maker!

Default just shows the built in values.

Calibers can have custom entries as well.

Custom caliber entries are at the bottom of the list when showing "All".

Gun Log 5.1 is a significant change. It will be several more weeks before it is finished. When it is done, the Gun Log database will not be compatible with Gun Log +P, this day has been coming for a while. When I update Gun Log +P I will see if it is possible to make it compatible.

I will probably evaluate a price change for Gun Log after 5.1 releases and is shown to be stable. So, it is a good time to get Gun Log just in case the price goes up. I might not change the price, but I will consider it.

Send me emails if you have ideas or concerns.