Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Backups and iOS 6


You can still backup Gun Log as before, via iTunes.
Do not take a backup from Gun Log +P and try to install it into Gun Log. The iCloud information in the database will not allow this to work as of iOS 6.

With Gun Log +P v5.8 do not take the Shooting_Buddy_iCloud.sqlite file and try to use it with Gun Log. If you are using Gun Log +P with "Documents & Data" turned off then Gun Log +P will have a file called Shooting_Buddy.sqlite which can be used with Gun Log or Gun Log SPC.

With Gun Log +P v5.9 and Gun Log v5.9 or Gun Log SPC 5.9 you can transfer the Gun Log +P file "Shooting_Buddy_iCloud.sqlite" to Gun Log or Gun Log SPC if you rename it to "Shooting_Buddy.sqlite" once you transfer it.

Backup Instructions 

(These directions are copied from this previous post on January 13, 2012. As a long time developer I have been stung too many times by failures.)

Since Gun Log (3.6) there is support for iTunes file sharing. (Description of iTunes File Sharing) This feature allows you to save the data to your computer via iTunes. It is not automatic. You have to do it. Through iTunes you can save the Gun Log's database for personal backups. The Gun Log database is called Shooting_Buddy and you will see it in iTunes.

In iTunes select your device and then select the "Apps" details for that device in the center panel. You will see a section near the bottom for "File Sharing". Select Gun Log and you will see a file called Shooting_Buddy.sqlite. That is the database. Drag the file to the desktop of your computer. You have a backup now of all of your data.

I back up my primary device after every range session or ammo inventory session. That way I can replace it if I delete Gun Log or some iTunes sync or upgrade fails.

Backing up and Transferring your Data

Do not take a Gun Log +P backup and try to save/restore it to Gun Log or Gun Log SPC, the iCloud data from Gun Log +P will cause a "save error" message to be displayed unless you are running 5.9 or higher.

These steps are the same for all of the Gun Log Apps.

You need a desktop computer and iTunes.

Step one. Connect iOS device to computer using the USB cable and open iTunes.

Step two. Select you iOS device in the left panel of iTunes.

Step three. Select "Apps". "Apps" is near the top middle.

Step four. Select "Gun Log". It is listed under "File Sharing" and below "File Sharing" is "Apps".

Step five. Select "Shooting_Buddy.sqlite".

Step six. Drag the sqlite file to your desktop or some similar location.

Gun Log SPC, Gun Log, and Gun Log +P

If you are using Gun Log SPC or Gun Log you can take the back up and transfer it to another device. Just hook up the device to your computer and in iTunes File Sharing just drag "Shooting_Buddy.sqlite" to the app's documents. It's just that simple.