Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gun Log 5.2 is available!

Note that the Gun Log 5.2 database is not compatible with Gun Log +P 2.7. Do not copy the Gun Log 5.2 database onto Gun Log +P 2.7 or earlier. It will not work.

Back up your data before the upgrade. DO IT! :-)

Backup Instructions 

(These directions are copied from this previous post on January 13, 2012. As a long time developer I have been stung too many times by failures.)

Since Gun Log (3.6) there is support for iTunes file sharing. This feature allows you to save the data to your computer via iTunes. It is not automatic. You have to do it. Through iTunes you can save the Gun Log's database for personal backups. The Gun Log database is called Shooting_Buddy and you will see it in

In iTunes select your device and then select the "Apps" details for that device in the center panel. You will see a section near the bottom for "File Sharing". Select Gun Log and you will see a file called Shooting_Buddy.sqlite. That is the database. Drag the file to the desktop of your computer. You have a backup now of all of your data.

I back up my primary device after every range session or ammo inventory session. That way I can replace it if I delete Gun Log or some iTunes sync or upgrade fails.

Gun Log 5.2 adds the ability to save ballistic "sets".

Now you can save the ballistic set instead of having to pick the weapon, weapon configuration, and ammunition each time.

Also, notice the details at the top of the drop table, Z means zero, SH is the sight height, MV is the muzzle velocity, and BC is the ballistic coefficient. I couldn't always remember what the values were and would have to open the config to see the sight height or zero. Now this quick info allows me to know I am looking at the right data.

Gun Log 5.2 has reached a point of functionality that I can now go back and get Gun Log +P caught back up with all of the new changes found in the 5.x releases of Gun Log.

Thank you for your support. For a price less than a box of .22 Long Rifle ammo I think Gun Log represents a great value for those interested in logging, tracking, and analyzing their firearms and shooting data.

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Remember, profits go to my next firearm related purchase!

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