Monday, June 20, 2011

Entering a New Firing Session (part 1)

This tutorial covers "Firing Sessions". To navigate to the firing sessions just tap the icon of the target at the bottom of the app.

Firing sessions are events where you are firing a weapon. There can be many firing sets during a firing session. You may go to the local range and fire three different weapons, or maybe the same weapon fired at different distances. You create a firing session so that you can enter firing set information.

To create a new "Firing Session" just tap the "+" button at the top right as shown below.

A new firing session will appear. Just tap the blue ">" button to go to the detail view of the firing session.

Tap the location field and enter a description of the location or event for the firing session. I enter "Local Range" for this tutorial.

Press the "Done" button to dismiss the keyboard. Tap the "Go to Firing Sets..." button.

To enter a new firing set first tap the "Edit" button at the top right.

Then tap the green "+" button that has appeared on the left of the top entry.

A new entry is created. Tap the "Done" button at the top right.

Now tap the blue ">" button on the right of the new entry to navigate to the details of the set.

To choose a weapon just tap the "Weapon" button.

In the "Weapon" picker just tap a weapon and select it.

Then tap the "Done" button at the top left.

Tap the "Config" button to select a weapon configuration. You might have various setups for your weapons and you are firing a specific setup.

In this example I choose the default factory setup.

Tap the "Ammo" button to select the ammunition being used in this firing set.

The "ammo picker" will appear. I will choose the Winchester ammo for my Browning Hi-Power.

Here is the results so far and you didn't have to enter the details through a keyboard! I like that.

If you want to see details about the weapon, configuration, or ammunition you can tap the corresponding field next to the button. Here I tap the field that contains the description of my Browning Hi-Power. This navigates to the detail view of my pistol. Just tap the "Firing Set" button in the top left to return to the firing set.

This tutorial covered entering a new firing session and creating a firing set for that session. We entered weapon, weapon configuration, and ammunition information.

The next tutorial will cover more of the data stored in a firing set.

Part two...

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