Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reports Tutorial

Reports help you understand how a weapon or ammunition is performing. The report area will change the most in future releases so report related tutorials may be outdated. Check the blog for updated tutorials on reports.

In version 2.1 of Gun Log there are five reports. Four reports are weapon oriented and one report is ammunition oriented.

All weapon oriented reports start with a weapon's list where you select a weapon to see the report details.

Tap the "Failures" report.

A list of weapons is shown. Let's see how many failures "Lil' 380" has had. Tap the entry for "Lil' 380".

There are four entries for "Lil' 380". Very disappointing indeed. What is wrong with this weapon? The list of failures has the failure type and then some summary information. It looks like this weapon has a problem extracting. You can tap any entry to see the failure details.

Tap the "Weapons" button at the top left to return to the top level report view. You can always tap the "Reports" icon at the very bottom of the app in the "tab bar" to go back to the top level report view.

Tap the "Firing Sets" entry under "Weapon Reports".
Again a list of weapons is shown. Tap the entry for the 9mm pistol.

Listed are the firing sets in which the 9mm pistol was fired.
As usual, tap the button at the top left to navigate back.

When you get back to the top level reports view tap the "Firing Sets for Accuracy".

Now tap the 9mm pistol.

The entries are sorted by Point of Impact information. POI: 0 indicates that you hit where you aimed.

Navigate back to the top level reports view and tap "Firing Sets For Grouping".

Select the 9mm pistol again.

The firing sets for the 9mm pistol are sorted by group size.

Navigate back to the top level reports view. Top "Firing Sets by Ammunition".

A list of ammunition is displayed. Tap the 9x19 mm Parabellum entry and the app navigates to a list of firing sets in which that ammo was used.

Here is a list of firing sets where the ammo selected was used.

The reports allow you to navigate in such a way you can discover failures by weapon, or when ammunition was used, or several other ways.

Reports will be the area that will change the most. If you have any requests for a specific report post it to the Gun Log Users Group.

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