Saturday, June 25, 2011

If you are concerned about data security...

If you are concerned about data security let me explain how Gun Log works. Warning, there will be some technical terms some of which may be used correctly. ;-)

The Gun Log 2.1 app does NOT:
  • Does not use the location manager.
  • Does not us NSLog to capture information about weapons.
  • Does not send any data from the iOS device in any way.
When you back up any iPhone app with iTunes the data is obviously stored on your machine that runs iTunes.

If you are worried about your weapon information being viewed if the iPhone/iPod/iPad is lost or stolen then be wise about the data you enter into Gun Log or any app.

If you are worried about weapon serial numbers then don't enter them.

If you are worried about listing the makes and models just enter a nick name that you will remember and associate to the proper weapon. The nick name is a very handy feature of the Gun Log!

If you store information on any device that could be lost or stolen then you should secure the device with a password.

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